Getting Started

As campuses moved classes online in response to COVID-19, many teachers were looking for guidance to quickly bring face-to-face or hybrid course fully online. On this site, we gathered resources and advice from Modern Language Association members, committees, and the wider community.

Effective online teaching requires training or research and significant pedagogical shifts, but in an emergency, shortcuts can allow for adequate delivery of courses remotely.

On this site, you’ll find ideas about how to reflect and make a plan, decide on an approach and select tools, and revise class assignments and activities. You’ll also find a collection of resource guides that address teaching in the current moment, digital pedagogy, and discipline-specific concerns.

To submit suggestions and resources, fill out this form or contact mla [at]

This site is evolving. A previous version of the site presented the information on strategies for teaching remotely and equity and accessibility pages.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!